Your work is exquisite; good, great success with your endeavor.

I have just come across your site while looking for something else on the web. I love your screen and your mushroom table. Keep up the good work.
Christine Thwaites
Bournemouth, England

I really enjoyed looking at your website! After spending a couple of hours clicking through flashy, hipper-than-thou websites featuring other people's ideas at hideous prices, it was a refreshing change to see some original thought. I especially liked the airport table (and the assembly instructions!). Great studio photo too. Your craftsmanship shows. Keep it up and you'll see your work sell for a helluva lot more than $550 a chunk. I'll pass it on to my friends, too.
Phil Ellsworth
Casper, Wyo.

I took a look at the new table and the glass really does add a lot!
Michael Wardlaw
Cincinnati, OH