The Room Partition... Dissassembles into 3 identical modules, stays together with magnetic hinges that snap lock into place. It's 5'5" tall and about 5' long, less when "accordioned". Consisting of light/dark luan panels laminated in three layers, the screen is a deep "walnut" brown on one side, and a light maple/fruit wood tone on the other.

I'm going to add redesigned hinges to enable the pieces to be a limitlessly expandable wall of curves. The aesthetic beauty of the screen really shows up when it is "accordioned" and free standing. Then, gaps appear between the pieces, and the angles/corners start to stick out in a very random, organic fashion. The whole thing starts to look like it grew in place, right where you put it.

This picture does absolutely no justice to the design, and the original prototype was severely busted. So I've basically got to start over, redesign the hinge system, and the bending/laminating tools. We'll only be manufacturing one type of piece, that attaches to another, that attaches to another, and so on.

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