The Mushroom table. This table is poplar wood laminated 5 layers thick, then forcefullly bent around a large form. Then left there. After a day or so, it is removed from the form, shaped a bit more, and the top is installed. That's it. There are plans to lock the top in with a little lever cam system, similar to a quick release on a bicycle wheel or seat. - Just in case you want to remove the top for some strange reason. I am considering a revision of the design that will be much more practical to manufacture and ship, where the whole structure is shaped the same, but split into two halves with a gap running up the back, and joined by some nice hardware. So there would be a left and a right side piece which join together.

Also, I've got a real snazzy chair design that would look great pulled up to one of these tables, but it's still on the drawing board. (Does anyone use a drawing board anymore, anyhow?)

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